Our Staff

PastorKyle Stephens – Pastor

Kyle Stephens has been the pastor of BHBC since the church’s start-up in 1987. Pastor Kyle was born in Paris, Texas where his dad farmed, ranched and owned a dairy. Saved at 10 years old and an athlete in high school and college, he received a B.A. from the University of Texas-Arlington in 1984, at which point Pastor Kyle’s life took a turn, as he committed to going to Pensacola Bible Institute for biblical and ministerial training. He received a B.Div. from PBI in 1987 and a M.Th. in 2011. He met his future wife, Marcia, while attending PBI in the 80’s. She was likewise reared on a dairy farm in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. They were married in Pensacola in 1986, and moved to Minnesota in June of 1987 right after graduation to start the ministry. Marcia and Kyle have 4 children, Seth, Daniel, Anna and Joseph and homeschooled all 4 kids. Joseph, the youngest, graduated High School in 2016, and the other three children are married and serving the Lord. Pastor Stephens has been deeply convinced of the virtues and finality of the Authorized Version of 1611, the King James Bible, and so he has been deeply dedicated to the thorough study, preaching and teaching of the words of God as found in the old Book. Because of this, the ministry at BHBC reflects a stalwart commitment to public evangelism, dispensationalism, discipleship, righteous living, coming events in prophesy, and personal dedication to a relationship with God through Christ.



DarlingDave Darling – Associate Pastor

Dave Darling has been the Associate Pastor at Blessed Hope Baptist Church since February 2014, prior to that he served as Treasurer and Deacon since 1998. Dave was born in rural Minnesota in 1961, growing up in the country until 12 years of age where he moved to Brooklyn Park Minnesota and lived there until he married his wife, Judy in 1983. They had their 1st child, Brian in 1986 and in the fall of 1987 the Lord began working in their lives. Dave heard his 1st clear presentation of the gospel on January 17th, 1988 under the preaching of Pastor Kyle Stephens. A couple of nights later he knelt beside his bed and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour. Dave and Judy began attending Church faithfully and in March of 1988 Judy was also saved. In the following years the Lord blessed them with 5 other children: Sarah, Caleb, Rachel, Naomi and Peter. By the grace of God, all their children are serving the Lord and are active in the Ministries of a local Church. Dave and his family have a burden for missions and over the years Dave has gone on over 20 mission trips, mostly in Eastern Europe, to distribute scriptures and assist in evangelistic outreaches. He has also taught and preached in several prisons, juvenile detention centers, nursing homes and on the streets of the Twin Cities. Besides the ministry work he owns a remodeling company which was started in 2002 after being laid off as a Project Manager for IBM.



CariveauSteve Cariveau – Deacon

Steve Cariveau was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota in a Roman Catholic household. He was an altar boy until age thirteen. He spent most of his time in junior high and high school looking for the next party. Steve was kicked out of high school so he joined the Marine Corps. After four years in the Marines he was discharged and went to college. He was still looking for the next party but the Lord brought certain circumstances his way that started him thinking about eternity and the true purpose in this life. He met his future wife, Liz, who played a large part in his salvation. Steve had no assurance of his salvation in the RCC and knew he was heading for and deserving of hell. In Feb. 1991, he bowed his head and his heart and received the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour as full payment for his sins. Steve and Liz were married in May 1991. In Dec. 1995, God blessed them with a wonderful daughter Stephanie. By God’s grace He brought them through, and out of, the doctrinal gamut from Charismatisism to Calvinism. In May 1996, they came to Blessed Hope Baptist Church. They have been serving the Lord ever since in all aspects of Blessed Hope’s ministries. Steve completed a three-year Bible institute at Blessed Hope in May, 2001. Also by God’s grace, he is currently pastoring Lion of Judah Baptist Church which offers Sunday morning services only at this time. This is a bible believing church plant in St. Cloud, MN. Steve and his family are doing this while still involved in the ministry at Blessed Hope.



JensenTodd Jenson – Deacon

Todd Jenson and his family have been a member of BHBC since 2009. Todd was born September 15, 1963 in St. Paul, MN. While at BHBC, Todd and his family have been active in door to door soul winning, the nursing home ministry, street preaching, tract distribution, and in 2015 Todd was asked to serve as a Deacon. He has also worked for 20 plus years as a Correctional Officer in Ramsey County. He met his wife Heather in 1997 and they were married in June of 1998. They have 2 children, Jacob and Emma, who are busy serving the Lord in the various Gospel outreach ministries of the church, and also use their talents for the Lord in the church orchestra. Like his Dad before him, Todd has a strong conviction that the King James Bible is The Word of God, a strong desire to serve the Lord, and to establish a strong biblical foundation for his family. At BHBC he has found a church with these same goals and convictions for all its families.